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Izabela Miętka

Izabela Miętka is a Chinese medicine therapist, acupuncturist, President of the Polish Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, philosopher, and sociologist. She graduated from the Avicenna Institute branch in Krakow, studied in Nepal, and attended numerous trainings, workshops, and congresses in Poland, Germany, Belgium, the USA, and Israel.

She runs her own practice in Warsaw. She is particularly passionate about helping women with all kinds of gynecological problems and couples trying to conceive. She strives to popularize knowledge about Chinese medicine by running her podcast: Droga Serca. About Chinese medicine. She happily teaches students at Acuart. She has lectured at congresses in Krakow, Cambridge, Graz, and in the online version of the Israeli ICCM. Since 2019, she has been organizing the Tcm Congress in Krakow.