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Dorota Łapa

Therapist of Chinese Medicine, dietitian, and acupuncturist.

Co-founder of the Natural Nutrition and Therapy Center and the Spelt Fields School in Poznań. Graduate of nursing and classic dietetics, she has been training in Chinese medicine, basics of herbal medicine, and the medicine of St. Hildegard since 2007. From 2018, she has incorporated classic system acupuncture treatments into her therapeutic work.

Every day she solves the health problems of her patients with the help of nutrition, herbs, and treatments, searching deeply for the cause of the disease, dealing with their psychological conditions. She has published 2 books: 'Wy_dobrze_jecie' or '150 recipes for natural cuisine' and 'Wy-zdrowie_jecie' or 'how to safely and effectively carry out the cleansing process.' The active promotion of health and a healthy lifestyle through educational activities illuminates every lecturing action. For 12 years, together with Iwona Kotowska, she has been conducting detox workshops for people who want to restore balance in their bodies through dietary activities. She wants to share the effects of this many years of experience in pro-health activities through Detox and influencing the health of the Liver with you during the sessions at our 2023 Congress.