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Joanna Brejecka-Pamungkas

Certified naturopath from the United States (ND – Naturopathic Doctor), holistic dietitian, traditional Chinese medicine therapist, pediatric Tuina therapist, expert in TV programs, author of articles on natural health, author of the book 'Naturally Healthy Child', trainer, author of the first online Tuina course for children in Poland

My own health problems became the beginning of the path to support my patients.

Since 2009, I have been running the Natural Healing office, where I provide comprehensive health support for entire families. When working with patients, I use scientific methods in the field of natural medicine, herbalism, and dietetics according to Chinese medicine.

A very important aspect of my work is education, expanding the awareness of my patients, which not only translates into their lives, but also into the lives of their families and loved ones. Therefore, I increasingly lecture at health and nutrition workshops and trainings, such as Pediatric Tuina, Healthy Child, How to Live with Hashimoto, etc. I also conduct training for naturotherapists, sharing my clinical experience.